Fit or Fat?

At the risk of being simple I think extra weight comes down to two things. (I know we could throw in genes, thyroid, seasons of life, age, etc. but at the base I think my proposed simplicity cannot be denied.)

We gain unwanted weight because:

1. We eat the wrong things.

2. We sit around a lot.

The opposite is true. We fend off flubber because:

1. We eat the right things.

2. We burn off the energy the right food provides with activity.

Charles Ingalls (the iconic figure) was in shape because he worked hard to grow his own food. And the food was better. We ‘work’ to make money to buy food grown in a lab somewhere.

Now let’s apply this to spiritual fitness. The average American Christian is not hungry, he is fat. We are not hungry for God because we are full of other stuff. If we feel the smallest desire/need/hunger arise to be filled with life, love, identity, peace, joy, security, etc. we are prone to run to the nearest fast food joint. Satan is in the business of satisfying hungry, impatient, far-too-easily pleased customers. “And business is boomin.” Then after gorging, while we sit around some of the food turns into waste and much of it turns to fat. Exercise is a rather modern idea. We used to work it off!

The above average American Christian is fat too, but it’s Christian fat! Through growth and maturity we don’t eat junk food anymore, we eat our vegetables. Daily Bible reading, devotions, Christian music, healthy books, church, community group, Christian friends….. but what do we do with all of those nutrients? Go to another Bible study? Even good food unused with purposeful energy will turn to fat!

What if we took in God as our provision then spent Him? We would empty faster and need to come back for more.

Let’s allow hunger for God to happen naturally as we refuse the junk food of the enemy.

Let’s bring our hunger and thirst to God.

Let’s be satisfied to the full in sustenance AND flavor.

Let’s spend with Spirit power what we have received in the lives of others.


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